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A Roseate Spoonbill in Cedar Key

My most recent Cedar Key photos.  Click any image for a larger view.

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As an avid amateur photographer, I have been photographing Cedar Key and the surrounding area for many years now.  After accumulating thousands of photographs I decided to start this site.  It is intended to be a photographic exploration of the many interesting aspects of the town.  For people not familiar with Cedar Key, it is a small island town in the heart of the Nature Coast region of Florida.  It is also part of the Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge. Since starting the site I have been told it captures the essence of Cedar Key. If you visit the town and want to show your friends and family what the island is all about, hopefully this site will do just that.
Once a thriving port city and termination point of the historic Florida Railroad, the picturesque town of Cedar Key is often referred to as a Hidden Gem of Florida.  The small island fishing village is home to 702 residents as of the 2010 census.  With an emphasis on remaining natural and Eco-friendly, Cedar Key is an eclectic place full of small family owned businesses and friendly people.

Away from all the hustle-bustle, most people who visit Cedar Key say that time seems to slow down while they are here. Spend a little time in here and you’ll discover that the town has a very rich history.   It is home to two historical museums, the Cedar Key Museum State Park and the Cedar Key Historical Society Museum.  There is also a fair amount of information on the internet about Cedar Key.   Click [here] for information from Wikipedia.

The city has a total area of 2.1 square miles, of which 0.97 square miles is land and 1.2 square miles, or 54.28%, is water.  That translates into a total acreage of about 1344 acres, for both land and water.  By comparison, the Walt Disney World Complex is roughly 25,000 acres, almost 20 times the size of Cedar Key!

For such a small town Cedar Key offers visitors a wide variety of activities.   Families will enjoy visiting and playing in the well-kept and well-equipped City Park.   The park includes a really nice full-length basketball court, sand volley ball, play gyms, and numerous covered picnic areas.  Second Street and Dock Street each offer a nice selection of boutique shops and restaurants.   Cedar Key is a very dog friendly with doggie waste bags provided throughout the town.  With it’s smooth, freshly paved streets and low traffic it is a great place to ride bikes.  With sidewalks practically everywhere along with several boardwalks it is very enjoyable to take walks and enjoy the sights.

There are numerous boat rental and water tour outfits to choose from.   Private and charter sport fishing is very popular here, as is kayaking and sailboarding.   And of course a favorite thing to do is rent a golf cart and explore the entire island…

I hope you enjoy your visit to SeeCedarKey.com.

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Anonymous wrote on October 17, 2016:
Thank you so much. I lived in Pensacola from 1972-76 while my husband & my brother were stationed on the USS Lexington in the navy. I’m from Washington state and had such a great time, looking and discovering Cedar Keys historic photos.
Terry Chaires wrote on September 1, 2016:
I really enjoyed looking at each and every picture. Thank You for all your efforts
Nancy Sera from Annapolis, MD wrote on August 20, 2016:
As a recent home owner of Cedar Key, I found this a lovely site full of wonderful, photos and historical facts. I don't tire of reading all about my future home. Just stumbled upon your site looking for information regarding hurricanes, of all things!😳 Please continue adding and sharing.
Admin Reply by: S. Deam
Thanks for your kind words. I hope you find as much enjoyment in this little town as we have.
Darryl Showers Facebook Sketchup Orlando from Altamonte Springs, Florida wrote on February 12, 2016:
Yes, Love your website. I am an architect and amatuer photographer and have fallen in Love with Cedar Key, I am currently helping the new owners of the former SeaBreeze Restaurant which has been changed to 83 West. The owner of BK Cypress Log Homes is the new owner and his son will be the new chef so coming soon. I believe in May or June sometime, but checkout their facebook page for updated info.

Anyway, I took some sunset pictures last year and caught something I have never caught before, the sunset there in Cedar Key ended and looked like a brilliant yellow Cross so incredible pictures and probably my favorite so far. Check them out in this albumn: Sunrise and Sunsets of Florida


Thanks, I love Cedar Key and will be visiting many more times to help get the 83 West Restaurant up and going..


Darryl Showers
Courtney wrote on January 25, 2016:
The picture of the eagle ready to launch is a magnificent picture!! I love it!! Great site!
Rich Perkowski from Norwich, Ct wrote on January 24, 2016:
I'm an amature photographer and was thinking of visiting Cedar Key. Now after looking at your website and seeing how beautiful it is I'm sure I'll be taking a trip there.
Great photos!
Admin Reply by: S. Deam
Rich, Thank you for the kind words. I'm glad to hear you plan to visit this cozy little town.
Gina Marcengill wrote on July 5, 2013:

A month ago I made plans to visit Cedar Key with my husband, whom of which we were celebrating 30 yrs of marriage.

We rented Aunts Mays Cottage, which is a beautiful spot on the island. While searching for Cedar Key info, I found your site and submitted a poem.

Along with celebrating the joy of 30 yrs of being married, I needed a quiet place to reflect as I lost my Mother after a long illness on April 1st this year. These past few days have been the most peaceful times I have had in many years. Cedar Key is awesome.

Attached are a couple of photos I snapped as storms approached a couple of different afternoons. Thought you may enjoy it. I have not cropped or straightened so they may be crooked since the wind was blowing quite hard and I did not want to set tripod up during storm.

Thanks for having a website that is a joy to look at. I love good photography (taking it and looking at it) and yours is awesome. I will keep check on your site for more pictures and we will be returning to Cedar Key.

Have a safe and happy weekend.

Gina Marcengill
Admin Reply by: S. Deam

I’m sorry to hear about your mother… but, congratulations on 30 years! I’m glad you were able to find some solace in Cedar Key. Thank you for the interesting photos. With your permission I have entered them into a blog post.

Best regards,
Lisa wrote on June 10, 2013:
nice blog very informative
Lori wrote on April 9, 2013:
Thank You for the photos from Cedar Key! Absolutely amazing pictures!! I have been vacationing there since 1999. I long for Cedar Key every day...my heart is there. If I'm lucky/fortunate/blessed then I will retire there.
Brian wrote on March 19, 2013:
Steve - We met you and your wife a couple weeks ago when we visited Cedar Key. We are back home now, but I still enjoying checking your web site. Your photography is great! You have done a good job of capturing Cedar Key.
Michael MacCaskey wrote on March 10, 2013:
Steve — Thanks for telling me about your site. I love your photos. You capture the beauty in Cedar Key! I hope we meet again, in Cedar Key.
Natalie wrote on March 5, 2013:
Incredible, truly amazing and thank you for sharing.
George Rota wrote on March 4, 2013:
Thanks for your beautiful photos! It is so nice to see the "warm" sunrise at Cedar Key. It is snowing here in Minnesota this morning. My sister was visiting there last week. Keep on shooting and posting your photos.
Admin Reply by: S. Deam
Thanks George... Glad I could bring a little virtual warmth into your Minnesota morning...
EstaJ wrote on March 3, 2013:
Having lived in CK since 1968. and being a professional in the graphics world myself, I can say without reservation, that your photos are the best I have ever seen. Don’t know who you are, or your background, but you surely know what you are doing. Congrats!! (BTW – I live in VA now, but still own one of the anchor bldgs on “Main St.”) OK OK – 2nd Street.
Admin Reply by: S. Deam

Thank you for your kind words. Especially coming from a graphic professional, I am really flattered. As you well know, Cedar Key is very eclectic and picturesque town. I truly enjoy trying to capture the natural beauty of the area. I’m very happy that you enjoy my photography.

Best regards,
Blake wrote on February 26, 2013:
Hey there,

You don't know me at all, but I ran across your site last year around this time when I did a search for great horned owls in the area. I am an amateur photographer in Gainesville, just started about 15 months ago and love to take wildlife/nature photos.

Just wanted to say thanks for all the updates on the blog and how much I enjoy your photos and daily updates. It's nice to see such great work, and always fun to see what's going on in cedar key. I try to make it there every so often, but don't get by as much as I want to see those amazing sunsets and birds.

I was inspired by your blog update today on giving to the homeless, and just thought you would like to know how much others enjoy your work.

Thanks again and keep up the great photography!
Steve wrote on February 25, 2013:
Thanks Ron,

It was a pleasure meeting you today and hearing your story of how you discovered Cedar Key.

~ ~
Ron wrote on February 25, 2013:
Steve, you are a pro.
Michelle wrote on February 6, 2013:
Love your photography. Thanks for sharing.
Jammie wrote on February 5, 2013:
I have enjoyed looking through your site. We visited Cedar Key many years ago. Nice site and very nice pictures! Your pictures brought back my memories of the town.
Natalie Lowers wrote on February 5, 2013:
This is an incredible site, I just went through most of your photo's and I feel like I have just been to Cedar Key. We love Cedar Key and go as often as we can and you have definitely captured its beauty and character. Thank you so much for sharing your collection.
Admin Reply by: S. Deam

Thank you very much for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit.