Cedar Key Panorama

Acting on a tip from Tom the Kayak guy, I took this panorama view of the Cedar Key City Park.   On this morning there was a slight fog along with slightly overcast skies.

Cedar Key Park Panorama

In the left foreground is the public beach which is directly adjacent to the City Park.

The city park includes a nice basketball court, beach volleyball, a new playground and numerous benches and picnic tables, long with several pavilions.

Running perpendicular to the beach is A Street.   In the distance (left side) you can see some of the buildings on Dock Street.   The Park Place Condominiums are visible on the right side of the image.

Visible on the beach are a cluster of Black Skimmers.  This is only a very small group from the hundreds of Skimmers making Cedar Key home for a while.

This panorama is a composite of 16 individual images which were stitched together.  The images were taken hand-held in this case.

Click the image for a larger view.

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