Low tide in Cedar Key during sunrise created an opportunity to get some unique shots this morning…

A beautiful sunrise in Cedar Key

The sun rises over an exposed seabed during low tide in Cedar Key

Remnants of old railroad pylons

Black Skimmers back-lit by the rising sun

Black Skimmers playing in the rising sun

I think the following shot includes just about every Cedar Key Black Skimmer…   As I slowly walked closer to them it was comical seeing all of them aligned and looking at me…     When the tide is in these birds spend a fair amount of their time sitting in the middle of the Cedar Key beach, so they are quite accustomed to people.

A large scoop of Black Skimmers in Cedar Key

Reflections in a puddle at low tide

Part of the Cedar Key beach and A Street can be seen in the background of the following shot…

Clumps of Oysters exposed by low tide in Cedar Key


The beginning of an incredibly beautiful day!

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