Old Cars

Old Cars

While walking our dogs near the Cedar Key park this morning, all of a sudden we heard the putta putta putta sound of a bunch of old cars. Mostly 1928-1931 Model A’s to be exact, along with a 1950 Ford Custom.  Pretty soon they rounded the corner on First & A Streets and pulled into the parking slots along the city park right in front of where we were standing.

As they got out of the cars several of them were curious about our dog, so we had a nice time chatting with the people.

Portuguese Water Dog

Our Portuguese Water Dog

They told us they had driven from towns about 60-100 miles away, such as Homosassa and Floral City Florida, and had driven to Cedar Key for some clam chowder.   They said there would have been more, but some of the people bailed because it was too cold…   (While I’m standing there very comfortably in shorts and a short sleeve shirt talking to them.)   It’s hard for us snowbirds to understand Floridians thinking that 50 & 60 degree temps is cold!

Here are a few shots of the beautiful antique cars that I took…

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