Another stunning Cedar Key sunset

This evening my granddaughters and I hopped on the golf cart to take in the sunset…  As we were driving around about 1/2 before sunset we were trying to guess if it was going to be a spectacular one, a mediocre one (which is pretty much non-existent in Cedar Key) or a dud…   About 15 minutes before sunset it was starting to look like it might just be a mediocre sunset due to the heavy cloud structure.  Fortunately there was enough open sky just above the horizon to turn into another spectacular sunset!  To try to better show the grandness of the sunset, the image below is a composite of 5 shots stitched together.

You can view a larger version by clicking on the image, and then clicking on it again…

Spectacular Cedar Key sunset

The following photo is a single image in portrait orientation…

Sunset over Cedar Key

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