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Sunset over the gulf

Like many other people we have talked to at Cedar Key, my wife and I accidentally stumbled upon this little island community several years ago.  Over the last several years we have become friends with many of the local people as well as several of the repeat visitors.   As so many people do, we have fallen in love with the old-fashioned, authentic nature of the town.  It reminds us of the way things were during our childhood in the ’50’s.  The community has a very neighborly and friendly feel to it.  For us time slows down while we are here.  In this day and age that’s a very good thing!

As an avid amateur photographer, I have been photographing Cedar Key and the surrounding area for several years now.  After accumulating several thousand photographs I decided to start this site.  It is intended to be a photographic exploration of the many interesting aspects of Cedar Key, Florida.

For many images in the blog section I have tried to give a very brief explanation of the shot, and in some cases have illustrated the location of the image capture.

Since starting the site I have been told it really captures the essence of Cedar Key.   If you visit Cedar Key and want to show your friends and family what Cedar Key is all about, hopefully this site will do just that.

For people not familiar with Cedar Key, it is a small island town in the heart of the Nature Coast region of Florida.   It is also part of the Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge.

While the town is home to fewer than 1,000 residents, it has a very rich history.   There is a fair amount of information on the internet about Cedar Key.   Click

[here] for information from Wikipedia.

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 All images on this site were captured by myself unless otherwise noted.   This site is copyrighted and all rights are reserved.

You can contact me at: cedarkey@live.com   Please feel free to make comments on any of the blog posts.  (It is not necessary to fill in the name and email fields on the comment form.)

I hope you enjoy the site and if you visit Cedar Key I hope you enjoy this small Florida island as much as we do.