A Cedar Key hurricane story

I imagine most people who spend any time in Cedar Key know of Pat and Cindy Bonish.   They are a very adventurous couple that settled in Cedar Key about 6 years ago and since then have become very much involved with all things Cedar Key.    Pat is a prolific writer and photographer and has written a very interesting first-hand account of what it was like to ride out the hurricane.  You can read his story here.

Just for reference, here’s a shot of what the old “Coconuts” restaurant looked like before the hurricane…  Now the entire dock and a good part of the old building lie at the foot of the Island Place Condominiums…

The old Coconuts Cedar Key Fl

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Cedar Key hit hard by hurricane Hermine

Prayers for the awesome little town of Cedar Key!  The town has been hit very hard by hurricane Hermine.

Here is a collection of news stories on the hurricane…

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Milky Way over Cedar Key

It was a very clear and dark sky last night.  Perfect conditions to get some shots of the Milky Way over Cedar Key.  The first shot was taken along G Street and the second along 1st Street.

Milky Way over Cedar Key

Milky Way over Cedar Key

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Cedar Key Fireworks

Cedar Key was the place to be last night!   For the first time the town put on the display from a barge in the gulf.   And a very nice display it was!  Here are a few shots that I captured of the display.

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Live Oak trees

Cedar Key is home to many very impressive Live Oak trees.  Here are a few of them captured with a fisheye lens…




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Woodpeckers and Owls

While walking around the Cedar Key cemetery this afternoon we spotted two Great Horned Owls.  We also saw the Red Bellied Woodpeckers near their nesting hole.   A while later we saw one of the Great Horned Owl sitting a few feet away from the Woodpecker’s nesting hole, while one of the adult Woodpeckers sat nearby keeping an eye on the owl.  The woodpecker chick had been outside the nest just a little while earlier…



The Woodpecker chick outside the nest looking for mommy and daddy before the Owl showed up…



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Cedar Key Adventures

Hey, there’s a new operation in town!  Cedar Key Adventures.  My wife and I had the pleasure of spending a little time talking to the owner of the business, Dell Weible.   Dell comes to Cedar Key from Clearwater Beach.   We are impressed with his enthusiasm and ingenuity.   As with most small shops in a tourist town, he needs to make the majority of his income during the peak seasons to make it through the slow seasons.    We encourage you to support him.

From his website:  “I’m here to provide you with everything you’ll need to experience this awesome little town by land or sea.  We provide beach cruisers, electric bikes, golf carts, and water bikes. Swing by and rent something!”

He’s located on famous Dock Street so check him out!

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A beautiful Towhee

We like to walk around the Cedar Key cemetery.  On most walks we’ll hear the distinct call of one or more Towhees.  Often it’s hard to find them, especially with foliage on the trees and brush.  Today we were lucky to spot one close to us with a good view to allow me to capture it.   They are a striking bird…



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