A one-legged Plover and a Sanderling.   We see quite a few small, one-legged shore birds.  (And no, this bird isn’t just resting with one leg up, it only has one leg…) 

They have to hop around and it’s harder to forage for food, but they seem to be doing just fine..


A Sanderling looking for food..


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A beautiful sunrise

Another typically beautiful Cedar Key sunrise.  The water was very calm and the sky mostly clear with just enough clouds to give the sunrise a little drama…


These are all long exposures, from 18-30 seconds…




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A few night shots

A view of the beach from the parking lot sidewalk…



“C” Street bridge…



A view of the beach taken from the parking lot as fog rolls in.  A car drove through the exposure…


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A Snowy Egret

I captured this beautiful Snowy Egret near the Cedar Key public beach…





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A tribute to Childhood Cancer Angels

Not Cedar Key related, but I thought I would share this video that we produced recently to help bring awareness to childhood cancer.  My poetically talented wife wrote the lyrics and one of our granddaughters sang it.

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