A collection of images and articles from around the island town of Cedar Key.

A Cedar Key hurricane story

I imagine most people who spend any time in Cedar Key know of Pat and Cindy Bonish.   They are a very adventurous couple that settled in Cedar Key about 6 years ago and since then have become very much involved with all things Cedar Key.    Pat is a prolific writer and photographer and has written a very interesting first-hand account of what it was like to ride out the hurricane.  You can read his story here.

Just for reference, here’s a shot of what the old “Coconuts” restaurant looked like before the hurricane…  Now the entire dock and a good part of the old building lie at the foot of the Island Place Condominiums…

The old Coconuts Cedar Key Fl

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Cedar Key Adventures

Hey, there’s a new operation in town!  Cedar Key Adventures.  My wife and I had the pleasure of spending a little time talking to the owner of the business, Dell Weible.   Dell comes to Cedar Key from Clearwater Beach.   We are impressed with his enthusiasm and ingenuity.   As with most small shops in a tourist town, he needs to make the majority of his income during the peak seasons to make it through the slow seasons.    We encourage you to support him.

From his website:  “I’m here to provide you with everything you’ll need to experience this awesome little town by land or sea.  We provide beach cruisers, electric bikes, golf carts, and water bikes. Swing by and rent something!”

He’s located on famous Dock Street so check him out!

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Powered parachutes over Cedar Key

These two powered parachutes were flying over the marina area today.  One is a two-seater, and one is a one-seater…

Years ago I owned a couple of powered parachutes and had a small business teaching people to fly them.  They are actually quite easy to fly and very safe – as long as you don’t do something stupid with them!  Unfortunately I knew a person who was killed in one…  Why?  Because he did something very stupid!




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A 360 panoramic of the Cedar Key Beach

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Rush hour in Cedar Key

Cedar Key rush hour

As a matter of fact there are no traffic lights on the entire island!  The closest stop light is 24 miles away!

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Cedar Key in Black & White

This evening I decided to take my trusty Fuji X100S out and shoot nothing but Black & White.    Although they resemble viewfinder film cameras, the Fuji X-series cameras have all of the latest technology in them.  In fact they have one of the most unique sensors on the market – which is why I like them so much…    Their color reproduction is second to none, which even translates into B&W images…

Fuji X100S

Just before sunset I hopped on the golf cart with our Portuguese Water Dog  and captured the flowing shots in about a half hour…  (Click any image for a larger view)

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Foggy morning

Going through some photos from earlier this year and noticed these of a foggy morning walk.   Thick fog like this, which I happen to enjoy, is a fairly common occurrence in Cedar Key.

Foggy morning in Cedar Key

Foggy morning in Cedar Key

Fog in cedar Key

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