A collection of images and articles from around the island town of Cedar Key.

A photo from a resident of Cedar Key

My poem solicitation has generated a fair amount of interest from visitors to this site.  I received the following note from a resident of Cedar Key.

Hi Steve. 

Came across this picture I took of the Thomas Guest house while searching some old ones.  Thought you might like it, but have no idea if the quality is good enough.

Tina Ryan
Ryan Management Company, LLC

DSC01329 from Tina 900

Tina manages the Natures Landing Condos and is someone that I personally know.  I really like this image that she captured in August of 2004.    Even though it could easily be a sunset shot, it is actually a sunrise.   Most visitors to Cedar Key who like to take walks are very familiar with this vantage point.

As can be seen in the next blog-post, the walls of the structure have almost completely collapsed since then.

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Under the C Street bridge

A view of the Cedar Key marina and Dock Street from under the C Street bridge.

Under the C Street bridge in Cedar Key

This shot was taken from my kayak as I paddled in from watching a beautiful sunset on the water.

And, the same shot in black & white…

Under the C Street bridge in black & white

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Cedar Key Parade

When you hear lots of sirens in Cedar Key the first thing you think is – there must be an emergency somewhere.  Then when you look around and see people lined up, you quickly realize it’s a parade!    There’s nothing like a parade to make sure the sirens still work.

In this case it was the High-School Homecoming Parade…   Since the parade had already started and with the position of the sun, I took up a position near the marina and grabbed a few shots…


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A morning walk around Cedar Key

An absolutely beautiful morning in Cedar Key!

I took my Fuji X-100 camera along with me on my morning dog walk. These shots were taken from around 7:30 to 8:30 am.

Cedar Key morning walk-1

A shot of the fishing pier… Click the image above for a larger view.

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A Cedar Key Collage

A collage of images highlighting some of the allure of Cedar Key…

Cedar Key Collage-1

Click on the image for a much larger view.

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Cedar Key Pier

From the archives…   A shot of the Cedar Key pier under construction.

Cedar Key pier construction

This shot was taken January 27, 2008.

Click the image for a larger view.

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Ken’s Cedar Keyside Diner

If you are looking for a nice place to eat breakfast or lunch while in Cedar Key, my wife and I can highly recommend Ken’s Cedar Keyside Diner.

Kens Cedar Keyside Diner-1

Even though they have been open for approximately nine months now, my wife and I only recently gave them a try.  Now that we have, we would have to say that Ken’s is one of our favorite places for breakfast and lunch.


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