A collection of images and articles from around the island town of Cedar Key.

Colorful Cedar Key

A section of Dock Street on a beautiful sunny day…

Colorful Cedar Key

For me the bright colors along with a multitude of angles and layers created by the structures help make this an interesting image.

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A new Shop

Update: as of fall 2011 this shop is now a Chicago style hotdog shop…

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Cedar Key has a nice selection of quality restaurants as well as boutique shops of all types – including several home-based businesses.

Dock Street shop


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Cedar Key has all new streets!

How often do you see an entire town get all new streets!   The new streets in Cedar Key are almost complete and they look great!   Whether taking walks, riding bikes or just cruising around in your golf cart it really is surprising how much of an improvement the new streets are.

New streets at Cedar Key

This is a view looking down 1st street toward town…


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Ocala Model Railroaders

The Ocala Model Railroaders Historic Preservation Society brought two large model train layouts to Cedar Key for our enjoyment yesterday and today.

Their mission statement is:  “To promote the hobby of Model Railroading, to build and operate various scale Model Railroads and to help preserve the Railroad history in the Ocala/Marion County area.”

Ocala Model Railroaders


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Cedar Key reflections

Reflections in a puddle

This is an image of the Park Place Condominiums as reflected in a puddle at the corner of Second and Depot Streets…

This puddle will soon be a thing of the past.  Every street in Cedar Key is being resurfaced, and the new streets look really nice!

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Kites at Cedar Key

Flying kites at Cedar Key

Flying kites is a fun activity at the Cedar Key beach.  Quite often there is just the right amount of breeze coming in off the gulf.    This kite was flying high this morning.

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The best way to see Cedar Key

As far as most people are concerned, there are four “best” ways to see Cedar Key….

Children walking in Cedar Key

1) Walking.

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Bikes at Cedar Key

2) By bike  (either style)


Kayaking in Cedar Key

3) Kayaking.   Click

[here] to rent a kayak.


Golf carts in Cedar Key

4) Golf cart.

Anyone visiting Cedar Key will quickly discover that golf carts are a popular form of transportation for local people as well as for visitors.

There is so much to see in Cedar Key that is off the beaten path, we think you’ll agree that one of these modes of travel is the best way to really experience Cedar Key.

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Oh yea, you can see it by air too.   Did you know that Cedar Key has a couple of small airports?

Cedar Key airportCedar Key airport


Okay… you can see it by sailboat too…

Sailing in Cedar Key


If you must see it by car, a convertable is a great way to go!

Sailing in Cedar Key

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