A collection of bird images and articles taken in and around Cedar Key, Florida

Black Skimmers

Cedar Key has a fairly large population of Black Skimmers that visit it’s beaches each day.  Around dusk, like many other birds, they take off to spend the night on one of the nearby keys.  These shots are a few of them that hung around the beach later than usual.





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Fishing buddies

A Snowy Egret and a Tri-Colored Heron fish together…  This shot was captured on one of the walking trails at Shell Mound.


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Short-billed Dowitcher landing…

This series of shots shows a Short-billed Dowitcher coming in for a landing…  A lot of resemblance to aircraft.  Landing gear down, flaps down, good to land…

Short-billed dowitcher

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A one-legged Plover and a Sanderling.   We see quite a few small, one-legged shore birds.  (And no, this bird isn’t just resting with one leg up, it only has one leg…) 

They have to hop around and it’s harder to forage for food, but they seem to be doing just fine..


A Sanderling looking for food..


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