A few of my Cedar Key images that I have converted to black and white.

Fog in Black & White

Today was one of those days in Cedar Key where thick fog rolled in early in the day and lingered all day long.   I enjoy photographing in the low contrast of fog.  Continuing on from last night I took a few more in Black and White, again with my Fuji X100S.

The panoramic image below of the Island Place condominiums was created from four separate shots.

Cedar Key fog

Below are a few more from this morning…

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Cedar Key in Black & White

This evening I decided to take my trusty Fuji X100S out and shoot nothing but Black & White.    Although they resemble viewfinder film cameras, the Fuji X-series cameras have all of the latest technology in them.  In fact they have one of the most unique sensors on the market – which is why I like them so much…    Their color reproduction is second to none, which even translates into B&W images…

Fuji X100S

Just before sunset I hopped on the golf cart with our Portuguese Water Dog  and captured the flowing shots in about a half hour…  (Click any image for a larger view)

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Cedar Key in Monochrome (AKA Black & White)

In an age of digital cameras and saturated colors, black and white images are still popular.

I was in the mood to play around with some images today so I rounded up a few that I thought might make good black and white images of Cedar Key.

A view from A Street in black and white

This shot was taken from the sidewalk along “A” street, near the charter boats.


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