Images of boats and boating around the Cedar Key National Wildlife Refuge

Kayaking in Cedar Key

Lots of ‘yakers out today…  The water was like glass.  In this shot it’s hard to believe the Crystal River nuclear facility is about 23 miles away.


There is a horizon out there…  It was one of those days where the water met the sky with such identical colors it was hard to tell where the horizon was…


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An Osprey and a kayak

An Osprey enjoys a fish while a kayaker slips by in the background.  This shot was taken in one of the many lagoon areas of the bayou.  The kayaker was about 30 feet from the bird.

Osprey & kayak in Cedar Key And a Ring-billed Gull with the kayak further in the background… Ring-billed Gull

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Kayaking the Back Bayou of Cedar Key

Miles and miles and miles of open water and calm bayou waters await the paddler at Cedar Key Florida.

Taking a leisurely paddle in the back bayou waters of Cedar Key Florida

Cedar Key is a paddler’s heaven.   Whether you’re new to paddling or an experienced ‘yaker there are virtually unlimited places to explore at Cedar Key.   It’s not uncommon to find yourself paddling amongst the local Bottle-nose Dolphins…

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Sailboat on a sandbar

Sailboat on sandbar in Cedar Key Florida

A moored sailboat sits on a sandbar at low tide in Cedar Key Florida

I captured this shot with my 400mm lens.   Although the buildings behind the boat appear to be relativity close due to the compressing effect of a telephoto lens, they are actually about a 1/2 mile behind the boat as can be seen below…

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The Old Man and The Sea

A few days ago we visited The Treasure Camp in Fowler’s Bluff for lunch with a couple of our friends from Vermont.  While there, we ran into Tom (Yaker) Liebert of Kayak Cedar Keys.

The Old Man and the Sea


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