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Another very dramatic Cedar Key sunset

Tonight’s sunset was another stunning display of natural beauty.  Sunsets like this are very common at Cedar Key…  Following from this afternoon, I put a 10-stop ND filter on the camera to enable long exposures of 20-25 seconds for the first two shots.  The last shot was a much shorter exposure without the ND filter.

Cedar Key sunset

Cedar Key sunset

Cedar Key sunset

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Dramatic skies

With just a hint of storms in the distance, today was actually a very pleasant day here in Cedar Key.  A slight breeze and billowing clouds all around made for dramatic skies all day.   About mid-day I decided to put a 10-stop ND filter on my camera and get some long exposure shots.  Most of these were 20-25 second exposures.  During one of the shots a clamming boat cut directly across the frame, but became invisible to the camera due to the long exposure.

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Fun with a Fisheye lens

Today I put a Rokinon 8mm Fisheye lens on my Fuji X-Pro and went out for a little photo shoot…   Fisheye lenses can add an interesting perspective to scenes.

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