A collection of beautiful panoramic images captured in and around Cedar Key, Florida.

Dramatic Sunset

Last night was a very dramatic sunset in Cedar Key.  In order to capture as much of it as possible I used the panoramic function built-in to my Fuji X-E1 camera.  You can click on the image for a larger view.

Sunset over Cedar Key

Another shot of the sunset…

Sunset over Cedar Key

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Another stunning Cedar Key sunset

This evening my granddaughters and I hopped on the golf cart to take in the sunset…  As we were driving around about 1/2 before sunset we were trying to guess if it was going to be a spectacular one, a mediocre one (which is pretty much non-existent in Cedar Key) or a dud…   About 15 minutes before sunset it was starting to look like it might just be a mediocre sunset due to the heavy cloud structure.  Fortunately there was enough open sky just above the horizon to turn into another spectacular sunset!  To try to better show the grandness of the sunset, the image below is a composite of 5 shots stitched together.

You can view a larger version by clicking on the image, and then clicking on it again…

Spectacular Cedar Key sunset

The following photo is a single image in portrait orientation…

Sunset over Cedar Key

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A G-Street view

Another beautiful day!

Below is a panoramic view of Cedar Key G Street and Atsena Otie Key as viewed from a point on Airport Road.

G Street pano 2012-2

This image is a composite of 8 shots stitched together.

They were captured with a Canon 5DMKII camera and an EF 24-105mm lens set at 50mm.  When saved at full resolution the image is over 17,000 pixels wide by approx. 5,000 pixels high making for an 85MP file!  I saved it at 4,000 pixels wide for the blog.

You can click on the image to better appreciate the view.   Once it’s loaded into your browser you can click it again for a full size view.

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Low Tide in Cedar Key

It was another absolutely beautiful day!  While walking around Cedar Key and considering places to photograph, I decided to get some shots from a pier on a back channel.


You can click on the above image to see a large panoramic of the channel at low tide.  Once loaded into your browser, click on the image again to see the full sized image.  From there you can scroll the image back and forth.

~ ~

Cedar Key channel

This shot shows the channel at low tide.  In the image you can see remnants of the Florida Railroad which was the first railroad to connect the east and west coasts of Florida, running from Fernandina to Cedar Key.

Railroad track remnants

This is an image of the same area but from a different perspective.   At low tide you can see the base of some of the supports.   These support structures would have been placed here around 1860.

At 156 miles in length, it was the longest railroad to be completed in Florida before the start of the American Civil War.

~ ~

This satellite image shows where each of the above shots were taken from.  Click the image to go to Google maps.

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Full moon RISING (over Cedar Key)

While taking our dog for its evening walk along “A” street, next to the Cedar Key city park, we were presented with a beautiful reflection on the sea from a full moon.

After taking in the view for a few minutes, my wife knew that I was going to have to run back to the house for the camera!

Full moon rising over the Cedar key beach

I really like this shot. It captures the serene nature of Cedar Key in the evening.


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Cedar Key Panorama

Acting on a tip from Tom the Kayak guy, I took this panorama view of the Cedar Key City Park.   On this morning there was a slight fog along with slightly overcast skies.

Cedar Key Park Panorama

In the left foreground is the public beach which is directly adjacent to the City Park.


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A Cedar Key Sunset Panorama

This evening my wife and I set out to create a panoramic shot of the sun setting over Cedar Key from a new location.   This time we chose a location that gave us a good view over the back bayou.

When we got to our predetermined location, about 15 minutes before sunset, we were happy with what we saw.


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Cedar Key Marina

Cedar Key marina

This is a typical scene most evenings at Cedar Key.  Often the water is so calm that the sky and water meet together in an apparent mirror image.


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