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Another note from a See Cedar Key visitor

In connection with the poetry solicitation, I received this note from a visitor to the site over the weekend….

Hi Steve,

I found this photo I took on our first visit to CK in October, 1986.  The damage from the 1985 hurricane Elena can be seen on the dock in the foreground.  Photo taken from the balcony of room 208 in The Island Place.  I don’t know whether you care to use it, but you’re welcome to it in any event.

Best wishes,

Bob Seitz

Balcony form Robert Seitz-1

I love this image.  It’s a great perspective of the honeymoon cottage.  You’ll notice that in 1986 all four walls of the Thomas Guest House were still erect and in seemly relatively good shape, despite hurricane Elena.   The pier that is shown destroyed in the middle of the photo was rebuilt into a double deck pier.  Earlier this year the double deck pier was once again destroyed!!    I think I have some before and after shots of the double-deck pier which I will post in the near future…

Bob also sent me the following shots that were taken in April of 1988.   They show the destroyed pier being rebuilt into a double-deck pier…



Robert Seitz has been visiting Cedar Key since 1986.  He is the author of “Nora”, a very interesting book loosely based on Cedar Key.   I read Nora this spring and found it to be very intriguing and a good read!

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A note from a visitor to See Cedar Key

I received this touching note from a site visitor over the weekend…  I am publishing it here with her permission…


A month ago I made plans to visit Cedar Key with my husband, whom of which we were celebrating 30 yrs of marriage. 

We rented Aunt May’s Cottage, which is a beautiful spot on the island. While searching for Cedar Key info, I found your site and submitted a poem. 

Along with celebrating the joy of 30yrs of being married, I needed a quiet place to reflect as I lost my Mother after a long illness on April 1st this year. These past few days have been the most peaceful times I have had in many years. Cedar Key is awesome. 

Attached are a couple of  photos I snapped as storms approached a couple of different afternoons. Thought you may enjoy it.  I have not cropped or straightened so they may be crooked since the wind was blowing quite hard and I did not want to set tripod up during storm.

Thanks for having a website that is a joy to look at. I love good photography (taking it and looking at it) and yours is awesome.  I will keep check on your site for more pictures and we will be returning to Cedar Key. 

Have a safe and happy weekend.

Gina Marcengill



I love these shots taken by Gina on July 3rd and 4th, 2013.   For anyone considering submitting a poem for my solicitation

[here], these shots should give you further inspiration.   Compare the current state of the honeymoon cottage to the image taken by Bob Seitz in 1986 [here]

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A photo from a resident of Cedar Key

My poem solicitation has generated a fair amount of interest from visitors to this site.  I received the following note from a resident of Cedar Key.

Hi Steve. 

Came across this picture I took of the Thomas Guest house while searching some old ones.  Thought you might like it, but have no idea if the quality is good enough.

Tina Ryan
Ryan Management Company, LLC

DSC01329 from Tina 900

Tina manages the Natures Landing Condos and is someone that I personally know.  I really like this image that she captured in August of 2004.    Even though it could easily be a sunset shot, it is actually a sunrise.   Most visitors to Cedar Key who like to take walks are very familiar with this vantage point.

As can be seen in the next blog-post, the walls of the structure have almost completely collapsed since then.

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An email from a Cedar Key visitor

I received the following email from someone who recently visited Cedar Key…

I discovered your wonderful blog recently and found it very interesting, including some stunning photographs of birds and Cedar Key in general. We visited Cedar Key last month and were enchanted by the place. I penned a short entry on my blog, which I wanted to share with you.
Best Regards, 


After receiving this email I visited the link he provided and discovered a very interesting and well written article about his visit to Cedar Key.  He has some great photos too.  While there, I spent some time exploring his site and found it to be very interesting.

I encourage you to read his article.  His observations match those of most people who visit Cedar Key.

And, so as to not leave without a photograph of the day…

Cedar Key Clam farming

A clam fishing boat heads off to their clam site.   This shot was captured with a Canon 7D and EF 400mm lens.  (Click the image for a larger view)

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