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Sunrise poem

I asked my poetically talented wife to write something for one of my sunrise shots.  She come up with this inspirational poem…

You can click the image for a larger view.

Cedar Key Sunrise with a poem

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A note from the poetry winner

I received this from Robert Seitz after having received his poetry prize of a 20″ x 30″ metal print…

Hi Steve,

My stunning metal print has arrived.  It’s amazing the way the light plays upon the surface, effecting an almost iridescent glow as if lighted from within.  Truly an item to treasure, and I thank you for the opportunity to participate and subsequently win your Thomas Guest House poetry contest.  It’s been a pleasure, indeed.  Again, many thanks.

All best wishes,



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Our Cedar Key poetry selection!

The Results of our Thomas Guest House Poetry Solicitation are in!

We are very pleased to announce that out of five excellent submissions, my wife and I have selected a sonnet by Robert Seitz as most closely matching our vision for a poem to go along with this image of the Thomas Guest House in Cedar Key, Florida.   We both felt that his sonnet was outstanding.  (Please click on the image for a larger and more legible version.)


As indicated in the solicitation, Robert will be presented with a beautiful 20″ x 30″ print of this inspirational piece.

~ ~ ~

I would like to sincerely thank everyone who submitted a poem for taking the time to write something specific to this image.   Every one of the poems were excellent!

Here are the other submissions in the order that I received them.

The following poem was submitted by Gina Marcengill.  Gina indicated to me that there is a personal journey behind her verses…


~ ~ ~

The following poem was submitted by Ralph E. Loy.


~ ~ ~

The following poem was submitted by Tina Ryan.  Tina manages Natures Landing Condominiums.


~ ~ ~

And the final submission was made by Sara Sass.


~ ~ ~

Once again I would like to thank each of these people for their submissions.  To me each of the poems are very special and very fitting for the image.

Be sure to click on each image for a larger and more legible view of this inspirational piece.

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In search of a Poem..

If you have visited Cedar Key you have undoubtedly seen the old, battered Thomas Guest House sitting in the Gulf of Mexico…     Despite its tattered condition, the rickety structure is the most photographed and recognized landmark in Cedar Key.

The Old Honeymoon Cottage at Cedar Key

I captured this image in February of this year.  After processing it on my computer I was so enamored with it, I had it printed on metal.   Printed on that medium, it made a stunning piece of art.

Since then I have posted this image on several photo sites and it has received very good reviews.  On one prestigious site, which includes amazing images from all over the world, this image rose to their highest ranking category within a couple hours of posting it.   Whether in person or in an image, the lonely old building that still manages to stand after so many years of raging storms seems to grab people.

I keep thinking that this image needs a poem to go along with it.   So here’s my offer:  If anyone out there has already written, or would like to take a stab at writing a poem that captures the essence of the old cottage and this image, please let me know.    If I think your poem fits the image well enough I will place your poem on the image and make it into an inspirational piece.

If I choose your poem, I will have a 20″ x 30″ print on the media of your choice made for you (a $350.00+ value).   You will retain all rights to the poem and I will retain all rights to the image.  We will jointly share equal rights to the inspirational piece.   Any poems submitted, but not chosen will remain the sole property of the submitter.   (Please do not submit any poems that you are not the original author of.)

If you would like to submit a poem, please contact me at:   My wife (a poet herself) and I reserve the right to make the final decision on the poem.  If I happen to receive more than one poem which we believe really fit the image, I will considering making more than one version of it.

This solicitation will remain open until July 22, 2013.

The storms of 2012 and 2013 have taken their toll on the Thomas Guest House.  Here are a few more shots of the old structure to help give you inspiration…


Thomas Guest House

The old honeymoon cottage at sunset

The Thomas Guest House

A very old image of the honeymoon cottage

A very old image of the honeymoon cottage

map of TGH

Although I have referred to this as a “contest”, please keep in mind it’s not about finding the “best” poem.  As with all forms of art that’s very subjective and there is no “best”.   It’s about choosing a poem that we feel matches the mood and feel of this particular image.  So far all of the submissions that we have received have been excellent.

UPDATE: June 29 – I received a request from Cedar Key News this morning that they would like to include the contest on their site.   To give their readers a chance to submit a poem I am extending the deadline for 3 weeks until July 22.   So far I have received 5 excellent submissions with at least one more person indicating they plan to submit a poem.

UPDATE: June 25 – I received another excellent submission this morning.   I am really impressed with the quality of the submissions!   It’s going to be very difficult to choose…

UPDATE: June 24 – I put out the word to the Cedar Key Chamber of Commerce and within a few hours I received two more very nice submissions…

UPDATE: June 22 – I received another very nice submission today…

UPDATE: June 10 – I received a submission that I really like this morning.   It came from an author of a very good Cedar Key book.   (I don’t want to reveal the name yet…)

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A butterfly quote

A Cedar Key Florida Butterfly Quote

I ran across these words of wisdom and applied them to one of my Cedar Key butterfly images…

If you are like me and don’t know who Rabindranath Tagore is, read about him


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Taking a Break

A rare, non-Cedar Key image.    As I was going through some of my older images I ran across this one.

Taking a Break

As we were getting ready to board the train nicknamed the “Heber Creeper” in Provo, Utah I noticed this fellow taking a break.

Since the railroad is an important part of the history of Cedar Key, I guess this photo isn’t entirely irrelevant.

Heber Valley Railroad

If you are ever in the Salt Lake City or Provo, Utah area with some time to spare this is a very enjoyable train ride to take.   The authenic steam locomotive train winds its way through the Provo Canyon and offers some spectacular views of the Wasatch Mountains.  More information can be found here:  Heber Valley Railroad.

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The Pier

Pier underside

An underside view of one of my favorite piers in Cedar Key….

Pier underside

A perspective view of the same pier.   Those of you familiar with Cedar Key will probably recognize this private pier.  (Those of you visiting Cedar Key, it might be fun to see if you can locate it…)

Assuming that there is a poem for virtually every subject, I found this poem from a master poet…

How brittle are the Piers

On which our Faith doth tread —

No Bridge below doth totter so —

Yet none hath such a Crowd.


It is as old as God —

Indeed — ’twas built by him —

He sent his Son to test the Plank,

And he pronounced it firm.

                        ~ Emily Dickenson

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Abraham Lincoln

I recently ran across a quote by Abraham Lincoln that I really like.


Now, I know that not everyone viewing this blog will believe in God, but I do and so I wanted to share this quote from one of America’s greatest Presidents.

This image was captured at the Cedar Key beach during a full moon.  I thought the combination of man-made objects highlighted by the God-made moon in its perfect orbit was a fitting backdrop for this quote.

See the original post of this image


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Lessons from a dog

This morning my wife sent me an email listing some lessons she felt our dog had taught her this morning.

I decided to fit the text to a silhouette shot of our dog that I had taken a while back.  In this image our Miniature Schnauzer is sitting on a foot stool looking out a window.

Lessons from a dog - Cedar Key

You can click on the image for a larger view.

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