A collection of images and stories about kayaking at Cedar Key

An Osprey and a kayak

An Osprey enjoys a fish while a kayaker slips by in the background.  This shot was taken in one of the many lagoon areas of the bayou.  The kayaker was about 30 feet from the bird.

Osprey & kayak in Cedar Key And a Ring-billed Gull with the kayak further in the background… Ring-billed Gull

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A beautiful morning

A few shots from my sunrise walk in Cedar Key…

Sunrise over the gulf

Sunrise over the gulf

An early monring paddle

A back-lit shot of a kayaker taking a break during an early morning paddle.

Commercial fisherman in Cedar Key

A commercial fisherman returns from retrieving his traps in Cedar Key


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Kayaking Cedar Key

Cedar Key Kayakers-1

A group of kayakers head out into the morning sun for a paddle in Cedar Key… In talking to one of them he said their plan was to paddle over to Atsena Otie Key, but since there was a pretty good chop in the Gulf today they decided to head into the back bayou.

Cedar Key Kayakers-2

Cedar Key Kayakers-3

And off they go into the calm water of the bayou… Amongst the maze of mangroves and oyster reefs they will almost certainly see a nice variety of birds and other wildlife.

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Kayaking Cedar Key

Today was one of those absolutely beautiful days here in paradise, err I mean Cedar Key…   And what a perfect day for kayaking.  The gulf water was smooth as glass and the weather was wonderful.

Kayak Cedar Key-3

If you weren’t in the mood for kayaking it was a perfect day to relax on the never–crowded Cedar Key beach.


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Paddling the bayou & birds, birds, birds!

A few days ago my wife and I decided to take a kayak paddle in the back bayou area of Cedar Key.   On this trip we saw lots of interesting things as well as lots of birds, including the impressive White Pelicans.

We put in near the Cedar Key park and took the channel that runs behind the Old Fenimore Mill and Nature’s Landing Condos.

Back bayou paddle - Cedar Key

Over the last month, the open gulf has been as smooth as glass on many occasions – making for great kayaking in the open water.


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Kayaking at Cedar Key

Cedar Key is a kayaking paradise.  There is an extremely vast ecosystem to explore while it’s shallow, protected water make it navigable by kayak most of the time.  Today was an absolutely beautiful day for kayaking at Cedar Key.

Kayaking at Cedar Key

The above shot shows how calm the water is much of the time… 


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