Squirrel time

After returning from a walk I enjoyed watching the antics of a squirrel getting seed from my bird feeder.   Watching the squirrel’s first attempt, there is no doubt that this squirrel looked up at what would be a difficult task and thought: I can do this!


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Flowers of Cedar Key

Cedar Key has a large variety of beautiful flowers, both purposely planted and growing wild, (i.e. weeds)..  Over the last couple of days I have gone around the island trying to capture many of the currently blooming flowers.  I will be adding to this gallery as I discover new blooms.

Click the image below to see a gallery of Cedar Key flowers…

Invalid Displayed Gallery

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Butterfly Sunbather

While surfing Facebook today I ran across a beautiful piece of artwork by a long-time friend of ours, Annette Colgrove.  It was created with colored pencil on paper.

Butterfly Sunbather

“Butterfly Sunbather”

You can see more of Annette’s fine-art work by clicking on the image.  This painting along with many other pieces are for sale on her site.

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A small walk about in Cedar Key

This morning I took a short walk in a small section of Cedar Key. Here are a few shots from this walk…

Cedar Key Nature Walk-7

Cedar Key Nature Walk-10

I started at the beach by the Old Fenimore Mill Condos…

From there I took a walk along a section of the old railroad trail…


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A Little Nature Drive

Natural beauty is all around Cedar Key.  These shots are from a leisurely drive through the Lower Suwanee NWR just a few miles from Cedar Key.

Cedar Key Nature-2


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