A collection of beautiful images captured at night in Cedar Key, Florida.

Fully Booked!

I received word today that Cedar Key is fully booked for the holiday weekend!  Great job property managers!

Here are just a few of the beautiful rental properties on the island…  It should be a great time!

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Nature's Landing

Pretty sunset over Cedar Key

Beach Front Motel

Cedar Key B&B

Faraway INN

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Nightime in Cedar Key

I love taking shots at night and discovering what the camera will capture with long exposure times.  Often with a camera it’s hard to capture the grandeur and sense of scale that you experience in person when viewing very large scenes.   I have found that with night photography, since you have a chance to study the image it’s possible to bring out the beauty of scenes beyond what you will notice in real life.

Here are a few shots from last evening…

Cedar Key B&B

Cedar Key B&B

Nature's Landing

Nature’s Landing



Beach Front Motel

Beach Front Motel

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Night shots

It was a crisp, clear evening tonight without any moonlight, so I decided to go out and get some dark sky shots.

On the way to the location where I planned to get some shots of the stars, I captured a shot of a historic building…

Cedar Key B&B

And the Faraway Inn…

Faraway Inn

A perfectly clear night and a long exposure brings out the stars…


The following shot was taken from airport road…  The Crystal River Nuclear plant, which is over 20 miles away as the bird flies, can be seen in the lower left of the image…

Stars over the Gulf of Mexico 

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Night shots at Cedar Key

Another beautiful evening.   Tonight I enjoyed capturing some nighttime shots near the Cedar Key beach…

Cedar Key Nightime 021713-1

Dusk at Cedar Key. Taken about 20 minutes after sunset.

Nighttime at the Cedar Key beach. Taken about 40 minutes after sunset.

The trees are illuminated by a nearby lamp post.

A sailboat is moored off the Cedar Key beach

Distant lights create a glow above the horizon. The Crystal River power plant can be seen in the distance.

A perfectly clear, star-filled night.

A beautiful end to a wonderful day on planet earth!

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Starry Starry Night

Another Starry Starry night in Cedar Key!

A Starry Night in Cedar Key

I captured this shot from G Street at 10:00pm.  If you click on it and look closely you can see a small sailboat in the moon’s reflection.  You can also get a feel for how starry the night skies are here due to very little light pollution.   Although it looks like it, it is not a full moon.  In order to get enough exposure to show a few of the stars, the moon was severely overexposed causing it to blow out.

The bright objects to the right of, and below the moon are Venus and Jupiter.

Good night Cedar Key-3

This shot was taken at 10:15 with a 400mm lens.

Cedar Key is a perfect location to view the heavens due to the almost complete lack of light polution.

Click any image for a larger view

By the way, when is the last time you listened to “Vincent” (Starry Starry Night) by Don McLean??

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