A collection of beautiful scenic images around the town of Cedar Key, Florida

A Cedar Key hurricane story

I imagine most people who spend any time in Cedar Key know of Pat and Cindy Bonish.   They are a very adventurous couple that settled in Cedar Key about 6 years ago and since then have become very much involved with all things Cedar Key.    Pat is a prolific writer and photographer and has written a very interesting first-hand account of what it was like to ride out the hurricane.  You can read his story here.

Just for reference, here’s a shot of what the old “Coconuts” restaurant looked like before the hurricane…  Now the entire dock and a good part of the old building lie at the foot of the Island Place Condominiums…

The old Coconuts Cedar Key Fl

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Cedar Key hit hard by hurricane Hermine

Prayers for the awesome little town of Cedar Key!  The town has been hit very hard by hurricane Hermine.

Here is a collection of news stories on the hurricane…

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Cedar Key Fireworks

Cedar Key was the place to be last night!   For the first time the town put on the display from a barge in the gulf.   And a very nice display it was!  Here are a few shots that I captured of the display.

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Sunrise Over Cedar Key

A few different perspectives of this morning’s beautiful sunrise.  These were taken from the beach along Airport Road.




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