A collection of beautiful scenic images around the town of Cedar Key, Florida

Beautiful sunset

A typically beautiful sunset over the calm waters of Cedar Key. This long exposure shot was taken from the C-Street bridge with a wide-angle lens.  This image was taken on Jan 30, 2015.

BEautiful Cedar Key sunset
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A new sunrise

An absolutely beautiful day in Cedar Key….   Here are a few shots from this morning’s sunrise, captured at the Old Fenimore beach…

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Fog in Black & White

Today was one of those days in Cedar Key where thick fog rolled in early in the day and lingered all day long.   I enjoy photographing in the low contrast of fog.  Continuing on from last night I took a few more in Black and White, again with my Fuji X100S.

The panoramic image below of the Island Place condominiums was created from four separate shots.

Cedar Key fog

Below are a few more from this morning…

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Cedar Key Woman’s Club

The 2015 Cedar Key Woman’s Club calendars are now available.   These very attractive calendars feature beautiful photographs of Cedar Key captured by local people.  The annual calendar is one of many fund-raising projects that this club does.   The 2015 calendars can be purchased at the Cedar Key Chamber of Commerce on 2nd Street.

Quoted from the Cedar Key news, “The Cedar Key Woman’s Club supports many community projects in our Island City, such as the Food Pantry, the Fire Department, the Cedar Key School, and our Library. In the past few years, we have sent 100’s of care boxes to young Troops deployed overseas, and have donated $5200 to Fisher House in Gainesville. We also are members of the Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs, sponsoring projects such as SMILE,  HOBY, Canine Companions, and Heifer International.”

I’m happy to have two of my photographs from this year included in the calendar.

Cedar Key Womans Club calendar

Cedar Key Womans Club calendar

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Dramatic Sunset

Last night was a very dramatic sunset in Cedar Key.  In order to capture as much of it as possible I used the panoramic function built-in to my Fuji X-E1 camera.  You can click on the image for a larger view.

Sunset over Cedar Key

Another shot of the sunset…

Sunset over Cedar Key

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And a few more nights shots

Including a few more Milky Way shots…  This evening the sky was crystal clear again so I decided to get a few shots of the Milky Way over parts of the town.

The following shot of the Cedar Key pier was taken from the sidewalk on Dock Street.  Because of the extreme dynamic range of light between the pier and the sky it required two shots to create this image.  One shot was a long exposure to capture the Milky Way and the other shot was a much shorter exposure to properly expose the pier.  They were then combined in software to show the entire dynamic range.  The smudge in front of the pier house is a couple of people that were moving during the exposure.

The following shot was taken from a vantage point on the Old Fenimore beach.


The following shot was taken from the Cedar Key beach.  It is a single exposure so I had to try to balance the exposure of the sky with the lights on Dock Street.


Following is a shot of The Island Place condominiums taken from the C Street bridge.


And a shot of the restaurant section of the Cedar Cove condominiums.


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More Milky Way shots

A couple nights ago it was another perfectly clear, moonless sky so I set out on my golf cart to find a few more locations to photograph the Milky Way from…   Click any image for a larger view.

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Photographic Heaven!

Last night the conditions in Cedar Key were absolutely perfect for capturing images of the stars.  In particular I have been wanting to get some shots of the Milky Way.    Due to the low level of light pollution in Cedar Key, and the fact that the moon had not risen yet, the skies were pitch black and the atmosphere was crystal clear.   As if that wasn’t enough, there was the added bonus of an active lightning storm going on in a nearby cluster of cumulus clouds!  That may very well be a once in a lifetime situation!

Here are a few of the images that I captured.  Click any image for a larger view…

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