A collection of beautiful scenic images around the town of Cedar Key, Florida

More Flowers

Today I had a chance to go around Cedar Key and capture shot of more flowers. I have added these new flowers to a second flower gallery… I hope you enjoy them.

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Another very dramatic Cedar Key sunset

Tonight’s sunset was another stunning display of natural beauty.  Sunsets like this are very common at Cedar Key…  Following from this afternoon, I put a 10-stop ND filter on the camera to enable long exposures of 20-25 seconds for the first two shots.  The last shot was a much shorter exposure without the ND filter.

Cedar Key sunset

Cedar Key sunset

Cedar Key sunset

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Dramatic skies

With just a hint of storms in the distance, today was actually a very pleasant day here in Cedar Key.  A slight breeze and billowing clouds all around made for dramatic skies all day.   About mid-day I decided to put a 10-stop ND filter on my camera and get some long exposure shots.  Most of these were 20-25 second exposures.  During one of the shots a clamming boat cut directly across the frame, but became invisible to the camera due to the long exposure.

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A morning walk

As I went out to walk our dog this morning I almost didn’t take a camera since the sky was almost completely cloud covered.  I decided to take a small camera anyway, and I’m glad I did.  As we walked around, the sun starting peeking out of the clouds and provided some dramatic lighting against the dark skies.

Here are a few shots from this morning’s walk…

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Flowers of Cedar Key

Cedar Key has a large variety of beautiful flowers, both purposely planted and growing wild, (i.e. weeds)..  Over the last couple of days I have gone around the island trying to capture many of the currently blooming flowers.  I will be adding to this gallery as I discover new blooms.

Click the image below to see a gallery of Cedar Key flowers…

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Another stunning Cedar Key sunset

This evening my granddaughters and I hopped on the golf cart to take in the sunset…  As we were driving around about 1/2 before sunset we were trying to guess if it was going to be a spectacular one, a mediocre one (which is pretty much non-existent in Cedar Key) or a dud…   About 15 minutes before sunset it was starting to look like it might just be a mediocre sunset due to the heavy cloud structure.  Fortunately there was enough open sky just above the horizon to turn into another spectacular sunset!  To try to better show the grandness of the sunset, the image below is a composite of 5 shots stitched together.

You can view a larger version by clicking on the image, and then clicking on it again…

Spectacular Cedar Key sunset

The following photo is a single image in portrait orientation…

Sunset over Cedar Key

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Cedar Key poem

We’re happy to announce that our Cedar Key video, “Moments of Cedar Key” received 1000 views within the first 2 months….

Cedar Key poem video

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Magical Moments of Cedar Key

Recently my wife was inspired to write a poem about Cedar Key which I set it to music and images of the town.

We’re happy to present:

“Moments of Cedar Key”


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Cedar Key Cemetery

Cedar Key has a very old and unique cemetery.    My wife and I enjoy taking walks around the roads inside the cemetery as well as on the boardwalk that runs along the cemetery.

Here are a few shots of the cemetery at sunset…

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