A collection of beautiful sunrise images captured at Cedar Key, Florida.

Sunrise Over Cedar Key

A few different perspectives of this morning’s beautiful sunrise.  These were taken from the beach along Airport Road.




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A beautiful sunrise

Another typically beautiful Cedar Key sunrise.  The water was very calm and the sky mostly clear with just enough clouds to give the sunrise a little drama…


These are all long exposures, from 18-30 seconds…




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Stormy morning

Woke up to thunder and lightning…   It was still very pretty out though.  Here are a few from this morning…

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Sunrise over the gulf

Waking up to thunder and lightning this morning I didn’t think there was a chance of getting some sunrise shots this morning. However, when I looked toward the East the sky was extra beautiful just ahead of the storm. I had a window of about 15 minutes before the storm came thundering in….

Sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico

Sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico

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