A collection of beautiful sunset images around the town of Cedar Key, Florida

Good night Cedar Key!

Another absolutely beautiful day.  Not a cloud in the sky, mid-70’s, a slight breeze, 41% humidity.   In my book, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Good night Cedar Key-1

In fact, because it was such a clear day it made for a rather simple sunset.  I guess not all sunsets can look like this one.

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A stormy Cedar Key sunset

It was a stormy afternoon in normally sunny Cedar Key.  As the storm passed through it made for a dramatic sunset.

Stormy sunset-1

Click the image for a larger view,

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Anchored at Cedar Key

A sailboat is anchored off shore of Cedar Key on a beautiful and peaceful evening.  This shot was captured about 30 minutes after sunset.

Sailboat at Cedar Key-1


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Full moon from the Cedar Key pier

Last night was a full moon.  As we often do, we joined our friends from Vermont and took in both the sunset and moonrise from the vantage point of the Cedar Key pier.

Cedar Key Moonrise

Last night it was an especially beautiful moon rise.  The amber moon looked extra large as it rose above the ocean and reflected off the calm water.


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Twilight over the Bayou

Tonight we went out for another Cedar Key sunset.  After getting a couple shots of the sunset we headed over to the walking path behind the Cedar Key Museum State Park.   We were presented with this beautiful view…

Twilight over the bayou - Cedar Key

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